The Experiential Christmas Village of Athens

Where the child takes the main role.

Christmas for children is a joy, a game and a fairy tale. Theme parks are being set up all over the country to entertain young and old. To enter a festive atmosphere and be influenced by its magic gold dust. Something which is true for Athens as well.In the Christmas Village!

One of the places that can offer such an experience in the Greek capital, is the unique Experiential Christmas Village of Paradise Park! The Park will remain open until the 6th of January and is located in Acharnes.

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What you will see in the Experiential Christmas Village

There is something that makes this Christmas village different from all other parks. There, the children don’t just watch events, stunts or well-made sets. The purpose of the Park is for the kid to be able to participate in all of this. To experience a special and “magical” Christmas experience.

For example, it can make Christmas sweets, festive crafts and help Santa prepare gifts. There’s a toy lab that is quite different from anything usual. Children are never uninvolved, they don’t stand as mere observers. They can touch anything and participate in anything that catches their attention.

Also in the area, there is a real farm so that the children can see up close and caress the animals.

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Every day there will be something different

The schedule for each day is never the same. In paradise park’s Experiential Christmas Village every day is special, with different performances and experiences. For example, there are days when children ride Santa’s sleigh or feed the lambs with bottles.

The village is also a pleasant experience for parents. If you’re a parent or an escort, you’re going to have just as much fun as the kids have. You can have fun together with them in the games while there are also places to relax. You don’t have to go anywhere else if you need a cup of coffee or something to eat as there’s everything you need in the village.

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