Cyprus: A walk to the mediaeval castle of Limassol

Its construction, the attacks and its current form

Cyprus is famous for its rich history. One can discover it, not only in its Museums, but also by walking down the street in every town or village. One of its most impressive historical sights is the Medieval Castle of Limassol.

The history of the Castle

The Medieval Castle that Cyprus has in Limassol is located in the heart of the old town. You can find it passing over the old port. Although it is not known exactly when it was built, however, there is a chronological approximation. According to Etienne de Lusignan, it was built in 1193 by the founder of the Lusignan dynasty, Guy de Lusignan. However, looking for the first official report on this, one can see that this took place around 1228 A.D. These are reports during the involvement of Frederic II of Germany in the affairs of Cyprus.

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Again, of course, there is some temporal mismatch regarding the tradition. According to it, in this Castle, Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre and also made her Queen of England in 1191. Cyprus, however, can be proud for its castle for years. Its fortification walls are worth mentioning, separately. If you visit it, you will see up close why they are of great archaeological interest. There are even views that are part of a much larger castle.

Cyprus and the attacks on the Castle

During the centuries, Cyprus went through many difficult periods. This is why the castle has been attacked by various invaders over the centuries. The greatest damage, however, was caused by nature. The earthquakes of 1567 and 1568 caused major disasters. The castle was rebuilt by the Ottomans, in 1590, in the form that it now has. The original castle was, of course, larger than the later one.

Beneath the east hall, there is a basement with cells, which was used as a prison until 1950. Today, The Castle also houses the Medieval Museum of Cyprus.

Address: Richard & Berengaria near the old port
Tel. Contact: Tel: +357 25 305 419
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 13:00
Entry Price: €4.50

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