This is the beach next to Athens that Vougiouklaki had fallen in love with

Turquoise waters and pines in the sea

Αυτή είναι η παραλία δίπλα στην Αθήνα που είχε ερωτευτεί η Βουγιουκλάκη

She was one of the most beloved actresses of Greek cinema who experienced great glory in her life but remains one of the most special celebrities even after her death. Alice Vougiouklaki was the favorite of the media. In many interviews, she was asked about the places in Greece she loved to visit. One of these places is a beach less than two hours away from Athens. It is the beach in Theologos which Vougiouklaki loved and there she used to swim and to spend some the time of her summers.

The beach next to Athens that Vougiouklaki had fallen in love with

The beach in Theologos was, in fact, the retreat of Alice Vougiouklakis. There she used to go to relax and have some pleasant moments. There she also had her summer house where she spent many summers carefree It was definitely one of her favorite places in Greece. And not unfairly, we can say.

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This is because this particular place is famous for its graphical and its wonderful small beaches. There you will encounter something impressive and idyllic. The pine trees literally have their roots in the sea…

And because you may never have been on this beach, the Youtube Channel Up Drones channel makes sure to take us on a magical trip there. You will see stunning images from above on the beach with crystal clear turquoise waters and lush landscape.

There, in the seaside settlement of Theologos, 125 km away from Athens, you will find everything you want to spend a leisurely weekend. From crystal clear beaches and beautiful landscapes to affordable accommodations and taverns with tasty and quality food.

Theologos and the favorite beach of Alice Vougiouklakis is a good opportunity to get to know everything that mainland Greece offers you. In addition to the islands, you will find in it beautiful retreats to enjoy the sun and the sea.

The great advantages are of course the close distance from Athens. An additional motivation is the very good prices at which you will find all the services. Arrange your trip and have a good stay!

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