Attica:The unknown Hill of Ochirou in Rafina and its history

The secret place and the stoa close to you...

No matter how much you explore Attica, you will always discover a place of particular interest that you probably didn’t know. One of these places is the Hill of Ochirou in Rafina. It is so close to Athens and there the Germans chose to build a fortress during the period of World War II. And this place was not randomly chosen. This was a very strategic position that served them to supervise the whole region. From the hilltop, they could supervise the whole area from Schinia to Porto Rafti. Rafina is one of the areas of Attica that will always surprise you…

The unknown Hill of Ochirou in Rafina

And although this place has a long history, it is not known even to the residents of Athens. The images from above from the Haanity youtube video channel are stunning. You will see the remains of the Fortress and you can imagine that period. The fort had five rotating cannons coming from France.

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The events you read unfold like a movie. However, upon their departure, the Germans blew up most of the Fortress so we can’t get a full picture of what the place was like.

On the Hill of Ochirou, which was a strategic place for the Germans, there were many stoae. Most of them were destroyed by men who were worked into forced labor. They used to give them a piece of black bread in exchange for their forced labor.

You can now visit this place as a sight. To enjoy even activities such as mountain bike and hiking. The Hill of Ochirou is now under the jurisdiction of the Greek army and for several years, various work has been done to highlight the site and improve the area. From the Hill of Ochirou, you can enjoy a unique view of the sea.

Rafina is one of the areas of Attica that you can spend all day pleasantly, have fun, and admire some unknown sights.

See the stunning images in the video below and prepare your next escape…

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