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Without prejudice to any legal right

The visitor/user of the services of this website exploringgreece.tv (now the "website") understands and accepts that all pages/services are provided "as is" and the website disclaims any liability relating to the limited duration, deletion, poor performance or inability to electronically store any user data and/or any personal page/service content.

The visitor/user is responsible for accessing the services of the website and such access may require the payment of fees to third parties (e.g. internet service providers, internet stay time charge). The visitor/user is solely responsible for paying the relevant fees. Also, the visitor/user is solely responsible for his personal equipment with the necessary technological means that allow him access to the services of the website.

The website is committed to ensuring the privacy of its visitors. In these terms of use - Privacy Policy it is explained how they will manage the personal data of visitors/users, in accordance with the Greek law concerning the Protection of Personal Data (Law 2472/1997 and amendments thereto).

Each visitor/user is asked to accept the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this Policy the first time they visit the website. By using the website and accepting this Policy, the visitor/user accepts the use by the Cookies website in accordance with the terms of this Policy.


The website may use cookies to identify the visitor/user of certain of its services and pages. The website and associated applications use cookies. A cookie is a file that contains an identification code (a sequence of numbers and letters) that has been sent from a server to a browser where it is stored. Each time the navigator requests a page from the server, the identification code is sent back to it.

Cookies can be either permanent or for a single connection. Persistent cookies are stored by the browser and remain active either until their expiration date or until the user deletes them. Those that relate to a single session expire at the end of the connection as soon as the navigator is disabled (closed).

Cookies do not store information that can personalize the user, but personal information stored by the website concerning users/visitors may be linked to the information stored and can be obtained from cookies.

Only "permanent" cookies are used on the website and related applications, only cookies relating to a single connection/session or "permanent" cookies and cookies used in a link/session. The names of cookies used on the website or in linked applications, and the reasons why they are used, are listed below:

They are used (cookie name) on the website or in linked applications (to identify a computer when a user visits the website or linked applications/to monitor users' navigation on the website or related applications / to allow the use of a "shopping cart" on the website or in linked applications / to improve the usability of the website or linked applications/for analyzing the use of the website or linked apps/managing the website or linked apps/preventing fraud and improving the security of the website and linked apps/personalizing the website or linked apps/targeting specific advertising messages to specific users who may be interested in them.

Most users' navigators allow them to refuse to use cookies, for example:

1. Internet Explorer may suspend the use of cookies using cookie bypass settings by selecting "Tools", "Internet Options", "Privacy" and then "Advanced".

2. Firefox can suspend the use of all cookies by selecting "Tools", "Options", "Privacy", then selecting "Use Personal Parameters for History" from the scrolling menu and finally unmarking "Accept cookies from websites".

3. Chrome can suspend the use of cookies by going to the "Control and Customization" menu and selecting "Settings", "View Advanced Settings" and "Content Settings", and selecting "Preventing websites from setting items" under the heading "Cookies".

4. Safari can suspend the use of cookies by selecting "Choosing Safari", "Preferences", then selecting "Privacy" and then proceeding to any of the following actions. For Permanent Cookie Suspension: Safari does not allow any website, third parties or advertisers to store cookies and other data on your Mac computer. Some websites may not work properly because of this.

Use cookies Only from the Existing Website: Safari accepts cookies and website information only from the website where the user is currently logged in. Often, some sites have embedded content from other sources. Safari does not allow third-parties to store or access cookies or other information.

Use by all Sites I visit is permitted: Safari accepts cookies and website information only from the websites visited by the user. Safari uses your existing cookies to determine whether the user has visited a website in the past. Selecting this setting prevents cookies and other content from being stored on your Mac computer from websites whose embedded content is located on the websites visited by the user.

Suspending the use of all cookies will have a negative impact on the use of many websites.

If the use of cookies is suspended, the user will not be able to make use of all the features of the website or linked applications.

The user can delete cookies that have already been stored on their computer. For example:

1. Internet Explorer can manually delete cookie files. Can find the procedure for this in https://windows.microsoft.com/ en-gb/internet-explorer/ delete-manage-cookies#ie=ie-11

2. Firefox must delete cookies by selecting "Tools", "Options" and "Privacy" and then select "Use Personal Parameters for History" from the scrolling menu, selecting "View Cookies" and then "Remove All Cookies".

3. Chrome can delete all cookies by entering the "Control and Customization" menu and selecting "Settings", "View Advanced Settings" and "Clean Navigation Elements". It will then select "Cookies and elements of other websites and linked data" and "Clean Navigation Information".

4. Safari can delete all cookies by entering the Safari preferences window and selecting "Privacy". The user can set his options for accepting cookies next to "Preventing cookies". Selects "Groups and Advertisers" - "Always" or "Never". If there are website details or cookies stored, select "Details". If he wants to delete the data from all websites, he simply selects Delete All. Press "Finish" to return to the selection window.

Limitation of liability

Given the nature and volume of the internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the website is not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor/user of its pages, services, options and contents which it makes on its own initiative. Its contents are provided "as is" without any warranty expressed or implied in any way. To the fullest extent and in accordance with the law, the website denies all warranties expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, those that imply merchantability and suitability for a particular purpose. It also does not guarantee that the same or any other related site or servers through which they are made available to users/members do not contain "viruses" or other harmful components. The website does not in any way guarantee the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, pages, services, options or their results. The cost of any corrections or services is borne by the visitor/user and in no case does this website and the company that manages or exploits it commercially.

The site is a news site, aiming at valid and timely information of visitors. The news and information posted daily results from a news report by its editors and associates.

The website, the Administration and its authors are not responsible for posts made by its branded partners, whose column is hosted as part of a collaboration on the website.

Exclude responsibility for information-advice

The content and information contained on the website constitute an offer to the visitor/user and generally to the community of internet users and cannot, of course, be regarded as valid information and/or advice nor conceal any inducement for the business or non-specific acts. The website undertakes the collection, processing and distribution of its content, but in no case guarantees its integrity, completeness, adequacy and general suitability and the absence of any faults, all the more so because of its particularly large volume, as well as the participation of third parties (natural or legal persons) in its primary production and collection. Therefore, visitors/users of the website, using its services on their own initiative, assume the relevant responsibility for cross-checking the information provided. The website is unable to verify this information and does not guarantee its accuracy.

Links to other sites

The website or linked apps have hyperlinks to, and details about, third-party websites or related apps. The website does not control and is not responsible for the availability, content, privacy and privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services of other web sites and pages to which it refers through "links", hyperlinks or advertising banners. The website should not be deemed to embrace or accept the content or services of the web sites and pages to which it refers or to be linked to them in any other way.


The website provides its visitors/users with the possibility to purchase services and/or products through e-commerce applications, in accordance with the specific conditions set by it and by taking care to protect the personal information they submit for the use of these services. The website is not responsible for the quality of goods acquired through e-commerce applications and the transaction is exclusively binding on the visitor/user and the company providing goods or services. Therefore, under no circumstances may the website be involved in a related legal dispute arising from this transaction. The user, as a prudent consumer, must check the products and services provided to him in any case at their sole responsibility and not on this website. (b) the price, (c) the quantity and transport costs, (d) value-added tax if not included in the price, (e) the method of payment, (f) the method of delivery and execution, (g) the period of validity of the offer or price and (h) the right of withdrawal.

The website can freely use - process the data collected during user transactions in order to record the trader's buying interests and make new offers unless the user/member of these services requests that such offers not be made.

Personal and content services and pages

The user understands and accepts that the website may adopt new terms of use of its services, including the time limits to be maintained on the site's services, e-mails, fora, user pages, and/or any other content posted and/or published by the user/member. Users/members understand and accept that the website reserves the right to disable e-mail accounts at any time and without compensation.User ethics

It is mutually acceptable and understandable that all information, data, texts, graphics, photos, images, music files, videos, messages and all content, whether posted publicly or transferred privately, remains the sole responsibility of the natural or legal person from whom the content originates. This means that the user is solely responsible for all and any content he posts, publishes, sends, transfers or otherwise makes available through the services of the website. The website cannot, due to its volume, control all content posted by its users/members on the services of the website, so it does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legality, or quality of such content. In no case may the website be held responsible for any error or omissions in any content or for any damage or damage that may result from the use of any content posted, sent, transferred or otherwise made available by users/members to the services of the website. Users/members agree not to make use of the site's services and accept their full and exclusive responsibility for:1. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or using another method to install content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise disapproving, infringes the personality and personal data of others, any intellectual property rights of any entity and causes feelings of hatred, and/or any other criminal offence and any other form of unwanted promotion of content, as well as content containing digital viruses or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or restrict the operation of any computer software or equipment or telecommunications equipment.

2. Damage to minors in any way.

3. Imitation of any legal or natural person or false statement of the identity of the user/member or misleading statement regarding the relationship and/or cooperation of the user/member with another legal or natural person.

4. Counterfeiting or other alteration of user/member identifiers with a view to misleading as to the origin of content transmitted through the services of the website.

5. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or using another method to install content by a person who is not entitled to make that content available by law or on the basis of a confidential relationship.

6. Interference with the services or disruption of the services or servers or networks connected to the services of the website, or compliance with the conditions, procedures and rules for the use of such networks.

7. Violation, with or without intent, of any local, national, European, international law and/or any rule having legislative force concerning and/or covering any service on the website.

8. Harassment in any way of the privacy and individual and social rights of other users (such as the collection and/or storage of personal data of other users/members).

The user understands and accepts that the site does not pre-check the content, but also that the website and its relevant partners retain the right (and not the obligation) to exclusively choose to post/publish or move or delete any content available through its services. The website and its relevant partners also reserve the right to delete without notice any content that violates these terms of use.

Right of objection

The visitor/user has the right to object to a request to the website and to request the correction or deletion of his personal data, as well as its deletion by a member via an email on the website's contact form and in accordance with the terms of these terms - privacy policy.Applicable fair and other conditions

The above terms and conditions of use of the website, as well as any amendment thereto, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties, and the Courts of Justice of Athens are responsible for resolving any dispute. Any provision of the above terms that is contrary to the law, automatically ceases to apply, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. No amendment to these terms shall be taken into account and shall form part of this Agreement if it has not been formulated in writing and incorporated into it. These terms of use take precedence over any other terms and apply to all services and applications of the website without the need for any other specific terms. The user who uses this website and its services is presumed to accept these terms unconditionally if he does not submit a request for objection.

The website may update this Policy from time to time by publishing the new version on the website or in linked applications.

The user should regularly check this page to make sure that it complies with any changes to the terms of this Policy.

The website may inform users of changes to this Policy (either by email or through the website's personal messaging service or linked apps).

The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/ user of the services of the site are subject to the terms of this section, as well as to the relevant provisions of Greek law (N. In the case of the protection of the individual and the protection of personal data, as supplemented by the decisions of the Chairman of the Committee on The Protection of Personal Data, the D. Article 8 of Regulation (EC) No 207/1998 and Article 8 of Regulation (EC) No 207/1998 and Article 8 of Regulation (EC) No 207/1998 and Article 8 of Regulation (EC) No 207/1998. In the same way as Law 2774/1999 and European law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC). These terms are formulated taking into account both the rapid development of technology and in particular the internet and the existing - although not fully developed - web of legal arrangements on these issues. In this context, any such arrangement will be the subject of this section. In any case, the site reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data after informing visitors/users and within the existing or possible legal framework.

If a visitor/user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided herein, he must not use the services of the website and in particular refuse to register as a member. Given the nature and volume of the internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the website is not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor/user of the pages, services, options and contents of the website which he makes on his own initiative and with knowledge of the terms of this.