About ExploringGreece.tv

About ExploringGreece.tv

In recent years, Greece has been among the top choices of tourists throughout the world. Millions of travellers are landing in the country of Greece. The destination is not only Athens but also the islands in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea. Greek destinations are many and some of the travellers will be visiting mainland Greece as well. Millions of tourists arrive in the country in order to get to know Greece. Its history and its landscapes. Its seas and mountains. Its villages. Find out its secrets. Really, do we Greeks know all this so well? Have we experienced them? Do we Greeks feel like tourists in our own country sometimes?

The ExploringGreece.tv is exactly what its title suggests. In fact, what its title points out “with a loud voice”. It lives in Greece, travels to Greece and explores Greece. it writes about Greece. For all us Greeks, Greece is not only the Acropolis and its fascinating museum. It’s not just Plaka district. Greece is not only Mykonos and Santorini islands. Greece, along with all of the above, is every corner that initiates us, the Greek people, into its tradition. Every village that reveals an unknown aspect of the past. Greece is as well a lesser-known museum that offers an exciting journey through time. It’s the little treasures that are all around us waiting for us. They’re just waiting for us to discover them.

Greece is its festivals. It is the regions and cities that, one by one, compose a complete puzzle against a blue-and-white background of the sea. Greece is the traditional coffee shop with its wood stoves, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It is the beach with the crystal clear waters that can only be accessed exclusively on foot. The final destination is a reward in itself more than anything else. You know that well. It’s always true.

Greece is its monasteries and churches. Its neoclassical buildings. Its stone mansions. The architecture. The colours and aromas. Greece is the jasmine in the summer courtyards. The starry and crystal clear night sky. Greece is the fisherman with his salty face. It’s Grandma with her “kerchief”. It’s the cats lying on the whitewashed cobbled streets. Greece is a strong and sweet Greek Coffee. A glass of ouzo accompanied by a little bite. A tsipouro (a greek alcoholic beverage similar to the famous uzo).

Our website exploringgreece.tv writes about Greece of the past times. It records Greece of today and we want to discover all these together. Lonely trips may have their beauty, but group trips always have more fun. We pack suitcases and plan our journey so it can be a long one. From winter to summer. And from spring to autumn. We want to get to know Greece together. To Remember again places we’ve walked on, exploring corners we’ve only heard of until now. And because we’re .tv, we’re going to fill Exploring Greece with beautiful images. We want you to be our companions on this trip.

Oh, and when we don’t travel to the rest of the Greek regions, we’ll be walking in Athens. You will find us in one of the historic sites of the Greek capital. We’re going to go into its museums, we’re going to get out of its theatres and historic cinemas. We’re going to walk in the neighbourhoods of the city, photographing what captures our attention. We will get to know Athens even better. We’ll write about Athens. We will live as tourists in the city and record our experiences.

You’re probably going to see us somewhere…

Have a nice trip and a better ride!