Attica: Five classic and favorite destinations for Clean Monday

Ideal options for flying the kite a breath away from Athens

Clean Monday means lagana [ unleavened wafer], taramosalata [fish roe salad] and of course the flying of the kite. The Attic sky fills with colors, hills and parks with happy children’s voices. And there are some in Attica that definitely have a special place in the hearts of Athenians and are all time classic choices.
Let’s see them…

Philopappou Hill

Undoubtedly it is one of the most traditional, picturesque and popular places for flying the kite in Attica. For many years in this place, events are organized by the Municipality, with fasting dishes, feasting, dancing and distribution of laganas. Many people choose one of the most central parts of Athens which the Kouluma is transformed into a place of celebration and joy. And all this in the< light> of Parthenon.

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Cesariani – Wooden park of, St. John’s

Another of the classic and favorite places to go on Clean Monday for the standard kite flying is Cesariani. The park of Agios Giannis, also known as “Wooden” If you haven’t already been there once, you’ll find it going up the road ethnikis antistaseos. Another place a stone’s throw from the center of Athens, where many Athenians gather for the kite’s flying and the feast of Clean Monday. In Cesariani, apart from very green and beautiful walking trails, there is also a children’s play area with flowers and other constructions for play and fun.


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A little further from Athens but inside Attica, Salamina is the ideal island for Clean Monday. There you can fly your kite to one of the beaches of the island. Sit by the sea for a long time, relaxing with the sea breeze if the weather permits. You will drink your coffee in Agios Nikolaos and enjoy wonderful seafood next to the fish market. And it is so close to Athens.

Clean Monday at Veikos Grove

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Popular and very accessible. The reason for the Veikos grove where every year many events are organized on Clean Monday. In addition to the program for children and food, there is usually live music. So it’s for sure to entertain those who want to spend the day there. Admission is always free and is a safe choice that will make you proud especially if you want your children to enjoy it.

“Antonis Tritsis” Park, Attica

In a huge area the Environmental Awareness Park “Antonis Tritsis” you will surely spend a day where you will do a lot. Apart from picnics with the necessary food and the flying of the kite you can take a nice walk or even a bike ride. Don’t forget: To <catch> a coffee table near the lake you have to go relatively early

“Anyone who has never played with a kite,” says folklorist Dem. Lukatos, “did not look as high as he needs. Anyone who didn’t feel the resistance of the string didn’t understand the power of the air. Anyone who has not cried with the responsibility and initiative of the child, who sees the eagle in danger did not feel the joy of being able to cope alone with nature.”

Attica gives you many nice opportunities to celebrate Clean Monday just a stone’s throw from your house with the feeling of being in the country side!

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