Strange world maps with elements that don’t look like what you know

The world map we learned at school is of course a simple and ordinary one. It can point to borders, include capitals of countries, etc. But how would you like to have a world map showing you other data? For example, data on which countries have the most sensual women or what drink they consume most in a country. And yet these world maps exist.

They have been created based on various statistics collected and the result is particularly interesting as you can see strange data about each country in the world. When you travel to a country you definitely see up close some customs, truths and habits. But even when you can’t travel, a map like this gives you interesting answers.

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Strange world maps with elements that don’t look like what you know

So look at ten of these strange maps…

Map of the most sexy women by country

Metal music bands per 100,000 inhabitants

Best place to be born

In which countries people feel most loved

World Intelligence Map

Countries and average penis size

The countries with the most people with red hair

Map of good or bad hospitality

Favorite drink by region

EU people aged 25-34 who still live in their parents’ home

Source of external photography?

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