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Agios Nikolaos in Anavyssos: the beach that beautifies Attica

Anavyssos is a place that has always attracted the summer lovers of Attica. It is not only its convenient proximity to the center that makes it so appealing. The main attraction is its stunning beaches, which offer a refreshing escape from the heat and the crowds. One of these secret spots of beauty and tranquility is the beach below Agios Nikolaos church. Schinias: The impressive beach of Attica A tranquil oasis awaits on a sandy strip at Agios Nikolaos Beach Agios Nikolaos is a beach that will make you doubt ...

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Agios Nikolaos: The diamond in Attica with crystal clear waters

Attica is ideal for one-day excursions either closer or further from Athens. As long as you have patience to look before you take your first dives so you don't always fall for the same all beaches. And the truth is, you have a lot more choice than you can imagine. Beaches small or larger, with sand or pebbles, cosmopolitan or more deserted, organized and ready to welcome you with your own supplies. Somewhere there's a diamond that you'll definitely fall in love with at first sight, just like we did. ...

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Attica: Four one-day excursions worth doing soon

Attica is ideal for one-day excursion because you can quickly reach idyllic places that you may not have imagined. There are always, of course, stable values in one-day specials excursions in the summer. There are places in Attica where you can dedicate your Sunday and return refreshed full of beautiful images . Here are four ideas for one-day excursions worth doing... Porto Germeno An hour and something from the center of Athens, in the arms of Corinthian gulf, Porto Germenos is the perfect one-dayer for combining mountain and the sea. ...

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