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Agorgiani: A favorite destination for the weekend

The further we leave behind the summer season, the more intense our desire to approach the mountain comes and we enjoy the first cool autumn breeze. And there are many places in Greece to enjoy something like this without driving many kilometers away from Athens. One of these options and nearby excursions close to Athens is Agorgiani. An ideal destination for autumn in which you will have a good time and you will enjoy the food as well. A combined journey of nature and gastronomy. Do you believe there is ...

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Arachova: Why you have to go again and again

The "Mykonos of Winter" successfully entangles the traditional with the modern, the alleys with the bars! Arachova. The lady of Parnassus mountain. Traditional and cosmopolitan. An area with a distinct personality. The traditional is mingled with the modern, offering a special synthesis of images and experiences. It is rightly at the top of Greece's winter tourism. Attraction for foreigners, as well. Built amphitheatrically on the southern slopes of Parnassos, with picturesque cobbled streets that lead to the classic main road, one of the most recognizable in the country. The main ...

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