A day trip to Mycenae: In the kingdom of Agamemnon and its history

On November 16, 1876, Heinrich Schliemann, an archaeologist often labeled as “mad” and adventurous by his contemporaries, sent an urgent telegram to King George I. He claimed, “I saw the face of Agamemnon.” This eccentric archaeologist had dedicated his life to finding the Treasury of Atreus and had finally encountered it. He further stated in his telegram, “I discovered a wealth of archaic artifacts made of pure gold within the tombs. These treasures could fill a large museum, making it the most extraordinary in the world, attracting thousands of international ...

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Ancient, vengeful Nemesis: here’s where she’s said to have lived

Attica,with its centuries of history, has hidden secrets that they are discovered either by accident or by a large survey of archaeologists. Such a discovery was made many years ago in Attica. the spot was found that have been inhabited by the goddess Nemesis But where is it and how was discovered? In 1813 the archaeologists of the British club Diletanti they excavated the northeastern tip of Attica next to the Eviakos Gulf. On a hill 30 meters high they discovered a sanctuary, a fortress and many burial enclosures. It ...

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