What is the Greek island that has no snakes at all

Each Greek island has its own peculiarities and unknown details. However, the more we explore them, the more we know interesting information and truths that we did not know before. Like for example what is the Greek island which has no snakes at all? You may have heard it, but you may not be able to believe it's happening. And yet an island has a reputation of the Greek location that does not have a single snake. What's that? Of course Astypalaia. Which has no snakes and at the same ...

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Astypalaia: Four must-sees

. Astypalaia or else the island of Butterfly is an alternative destination and at the same time is so attractive that there is no way you can only go once in your life. It is the island of the Dodecanese that you will pass completely differently than you are used to on any other island of this complex. There you will spend an absolutely relaxing holiday and rest in a quiet place where at the same time you will not miss anything. There's so much you'll see and admire in ...

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Meet the alternative and atmospheric Astypalaia

Astypalaia or Astropalia. However you call it, what's certain is that you mean this island of the Dodecanese that doesn't look like the others. You won't see it show up on the front pages, but if you visit it, it'll occupy one of the first places in your heart. It is one of those islands that everyone who has gone there, always remembers a tender or fascinating story. And probably one is the word that can perfectly describe this island. Atmosphere. This is why Greek travellers love the westernmost of ...

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