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Attica Parks: Five suggestions to escape in the city

Parks of Attica. Thinking of something better? With the appearance of autumn weather clearly declaring "present", it is now at least the right time to take walks in the parks and groves of the city, where you will be able to enjoy not only nature but also the picnic basket. Let's look at five alternatives for where you can admire greenery in the capital, as you spread your tablecloth for lunch. Or, if you see it differently, walk, exercise and of course ride a bike.   Attica Parks: Small green ...

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Parks in Attica: Four suggestions for walks, picnics, gymnastics

Parks in Attica. The best walk in the city. By far. Have you stolen some time and are looking for a green hug to sneak into a short time break? Have you arranged it and carried with you everything from children's bikes and skates to picnic baskets? The parks and groves of Attica are a great treasure. They are what make our city more bearable and charming. The walk inside them is almost psychotherapeutic.  Here are four famous groves of Attica, along with their secrets! Athens: the road that’s had ...

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