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Chania Region: Enjoy the stunning beaches and amazing attractions of western Crete

Every visitor falls in love with Chania and its unique charm and wishes to discover it over and over again, as the White Mountains that split the prefecture create two enchanting landscapes that are different but equally beautiful. Chania lies at the western edge of the gorgeous island of Crete and boasts natural beauty with many gorges and blue beaches, high gastronomy, and great historical significance. Kritsa: What made the village in Crete stand out in medieval times? Chania: A city full of history Chania stands on the site of ...

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Falasarna: the stunning beach that was once an ancient port

Even Greece's most famous beaches may be hiding secrets and stories you never even imagined. Behind their blue waters and white sand, think about how rich history unfolds since these places have experienced many changes over the centuries. This is also the case with one of the most famous beaches in Greece. It is Falasarna in Crete. An exotic beach that hides another interesting element. It used to be an ancient port! Falasarna: A beach of amazing beauty Falasarna is located 59 km west of Chania and is undoubtedly not ...

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The White Lake which is actually a beach

The more we explore Greece, the more we discover hidden diamonds. Among them are rare beaches scattered around the country. Α beach called White Lake belongs to this category as well and is located in Crete. It is a paradise beach that charms anyone who goes there to swims in its waters. It is, in fact, a well-hidden secret of the inhabitants who look after it as the apple of their eye. If, however, you are in Chania, you can get to know it up close. The White Lake Beach ...

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