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Kythnos: 92 beaches in one island

If you like short and easy getaways close to Athens, there are some destinations that if you haven't discovered yet then you should. Like, for example, an island so close that it can give you very strong emotions and you will definitely spend a good time. It is the island with 92 beaches close to Athens. Which is   Kythnos! A surprise island with a... colored country and good aesthetics. A place where you're going to have a good time even if you're going on a weekend. Kythnos: An island for ...

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Kolona: The beautiful beach and the first surprise you have when you see it

The beaches of Greece always fascinate you with their speciality and their, usually, crystal clear waters. Others in larger islands and others in smaller ones, also in mainland Greece, they stand out for their beauty. One of them is Kolona beach in Kythnos. The beach of Kolona is the most famous and probably the most beautiful beach on the island of Kythnos. The beach is located in the homonymous bay, in the northwest part of the island, north of the port of Mericha and opposite the also beautiful beach of ...

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