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Four beaches of Attica with shallow and clean waters

Clean and shallow water, sandy or pebble beaches and calm moments. You're thinking of something better for the weekend. Things get even better when you consider that these beaches are next to Athens and you can get there quickly and easily even if you have the kids with you and things can get a little more complicated. That's when you're looking for theideal beaches of Attica for one-day excursion. Those with the shallow and clear water, just right for families with children who want to splash and play in the ...

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The beach where, no matter how much you walk, its waters do not rise above your knees.

We parked our car and were presented with s sandy beach, flat as a plate and spread all the way to a quiet bay. We are in Syros and specifically in Galissa,a fishing village famous for its calm waters and how ideal it is to spend a family vacation there. Going down the stairs to the beach, I noticed two children who seemed to swim in deep water and also walk at the same time hunting each other. For a few seconds, I was trying to figure out what was ...

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Five beautiful beaches in Attica with shallow water

The beaches of Attica very often surprise us with their beauty and the fact that they offer clear and shallow waters, a breath away from the center of Athens. If you are preparing for a weekend outing with the children then you are probably looking for one of these shallow beaches so that children can play safely. In addition, many Αττική beaches in Attica which, in addition to shallow waters, offer spread fine sand. In addition to the large beaches you can be comfortable without having to sit very close ...

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