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Bella Vraka: The exotic beach with pink sand

Bella Vraka! The beach that proves that mainland Greece often resembles an exotic island destination. There are places you can only approach by car and leave you speechless. One such case is the Bella Vraka beach in Sivota. The sandy beach with the pink sand and turquoise waters that you are gonna fall in love with it. A heaven on earth that is worth visiting at least once in your life. Bella Vraka, the exotic beach in Sivota Bella Vraka is actually the beach that connects Sivota Thesprotia with the ...

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Pisina: The exotic beach with the clear waters

When a beach is called... Pisina (pool) you realize that probably what you will encounter once you are there will exceed your expectations just for a good beach. And the beach Pisina in Sivota is definitely one of those beaches that will be unforgettable. Crystal clear waters that refer you to an exotic destination. The scenery is complemented by white sand and pebbles. This dreamy beach can be found on the small uninhabited island called Mavronoros or Mourtos. Pisina: The exotic beach with the clear waters Pisina beach is framed ...

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