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Paros: Dive in the famous Golden Beach

Paros, apart from its graphical town, Paroikia, is also famous for its beaches. One of them which is is famous worldwide is the Gold Coast Beach. It is the largest beach of Paros where you will see all ages enjoying their swim. It is also the best beach for wind surfing in Paros. It is no coincidence that those who are on holiday on the island will definitely spend a day to the Golden Beach to swim in its crystal clear waters. Paros and Golden Coast Beach Golden Beach is ...

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The “Old Lady’s Jump”: Why the famous beach was named like this

It is with certainty one of the most characteristic beaches of Andros but also one of the most famous of the whole of Greece. The beach "Old Lady's Jump" is located on the southeastern coast of the island near Korthi and has crystal clear turquoise, shallow waters. It may not be the simplest thing to find and approach it, but it's worth trying when you're in Andros for your vacation. The "Old Lady's Jump": Why the famous beach was named like this As you hear the name of the beach, ...

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