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Soft Hiking: The new trend that combines hiking in travel

Soft hiking or "gentle hiking". Hiking is one of the most popular and popular activities chosen by many people who want to live the experience. However, most of the time the hiking trails that are followed, ask for your fitness and endurance to participate. For this reason, a new trend, that of soft hiking, has appeared, combining the benefits of hiking, but in a more flexible framework. It can also be combined with travel! It is the "gentle hike" and let's go discover it. Three days in Karpenisi: A magical ...

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The ancient triangles of Greece: Journeys of mystery and unparalleled beauty

Travelers, both domestic and foreign, are fascinated by the ancient triangles of Greece. Every country has its own history and deserves respect, but it is natural to focus on Greece’s history since it contains mysteries that remain unsolved even after thousands of years. These mysteries reveal something special about the ancient Greek civilization, which set a standard for its time and still amazes us today. One example of these mysteries is the ancient triangles of Greece. These are places that anyone can visit and experience history first-hand, while also having ...

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