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Diakofti: an earthly paradise well worth a visit

There are many villages in Greece that capture your heart from the first moment. The ones that leave their imprint on your heart and that you promise to yourself that you come back again at some point. The seaside villages of our country can certainly be compared many times even with exotic destinations abroad. The difference is that nowhere else will you find such a combination of tradition, hospitality, and gastronomy. And Diakofti in Kythera is such an example. Its beach, especially, is majestic. Diakofti beach, a paradise on earth ...

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Fyri Ammos: The great and the special one in Kythera

Kythera is not an island where you will enjoy ordinary holidays. It's the place where you'll have new experiences, dives in crystal clear turquoise waters, you'll taste nice and quality flavors. Kythera is the island where Aphrodite was born and seems she has given much of her beauty in this island of the Ionian Sea. And it may belong administratively to Attica but Kythera is a prime example of the beauty of the Ionian Islands and no one can doubt it. On this island, the beaches are amazing. One of ...

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Diakofti: The dream port of Kythera

Kythera is the island you'll love from the first moments you'll set your foot there. And this love will continue as you walk around the island. As you walk through the graphical alleys and swim in the turquoise waters. A unique feeling you'll remember for a long time. It will make you consider Kythera much more than one time visit. And you start all over again. Besides, the first impression of a place is very important. Diakofti is the first place you meet when you arrive in Kythera. And believe ...

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