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Amfikleia: A Journey to a Town of Traditional Charm

Amfikleia, a charming town in the prefecture of Fthiotida, will captivate you with its traditional landscape from the moment you step foot on its land. Historic houses and a maze of scenic streets create a picturesque setting that is well worth a visit. So, let’s explore what you can see and do in the delightful town of Amfikleia. Three days in Karpenisi: A magical excursion that has it all! Amfikleia: A locale that radiates a sense of tradition.   View this post on Instagram.   Post shared by nikos diolis ...

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The city of Greece with the tank at its entrance

Greece is a land of stories, and every town or village has its own to share. Some have more famous sights than others, but all have something unique to offer. One such place is Ypati, a historic city in Fthiotida that greets visitors with a chariot at its entrance. The tank is a symbol of the city’s martyrdom, as it suffered a brutal massacre on June 17, 1944. If you are looking for a day trip to Fthiotida and its surroundings, don’t miss the chance to visit Ypati and see ...

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