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The fjords of Attica a stone’s throw from Athens

Norway may be famous for its fjords, but Greece has its own special anaglyph. And in Attica you can find fjords which are extremely impressive. Within a short time of the center of Athens, in just 20 minutes, there is a place where the formations of the coast create this unique feeling. The famous fjords of Attica... The fjord of Attica "Aixoni" The tip of Aixoni is named after the ancient city of Aixoni, which is today's Glyfada. At the end of the 6th century BC, Klisthenis first formed and ...

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Aixoni: Where Athenians went to swim in the 1900s

Today it is one of the most famous districts in Attica and is a hangout for many from the southern suburbs. The history of this region, however, is not recent as it seems that always been a favorite destination of the Athenians. The reason for Glyfada or aixoni as it was once called. Who was aixoni and where did she get her name? The old municipality of Aixoni was located in the southeast of the main city of ancient Athens. It was essentially located among the municipalities of Alimountos and ...

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