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Gorges in Crete: Five destinations with their secrets

Gorges in Crete. A special experience as it is enough to live only that. From the embrace of the gorge to the embrace of the sea. Here is a combination of very strong emotions! In the gorges of Crete the -brave- walker falls from high to low having had enough of his retina with a great alternation of landscapes. With almost 95% of its soil being limestone, Crete is... a country of canyons. With more than 400 gorges, it gathers the largest number from the rest of Greece. We recommend ...

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The gorge of Greece that guards the best for last!

From one end to the other in Greece, you will find beautiful corners, natural attractions, and people that you don’t often meet. A special category for those who love the landscapes and natural beauties of Greece is the Gorges. There are the well-known ones but also the lesser-known ones, which have well-hidden secrets and impress you as soon as you get there. One such case is a gorge in Crete and it is not that of Samaria. We are talking about the gorge of Chochlakia or Karoumon, as it is ...

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