Is Arnea one of the most beautiful villages in Greece?

Greece is home to many beautiful and picturesque villages that attract tourists from all over the world. While some of these villages are well-known, there are others that are not as famous but are equally stunning. One such hidden gem is the village of Arnea in Halkidiki. CNN has voted it as one of the ten most beautiful villages in Greece. If you haven’t visited Arnea yet, it’s time to add it to your travel itinerary. This charming and unique village is worth a visit any time of the year. ...

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CNN: These are 17 most beautiful Greek villages

Mountain and seaside. More or less known. It is the Greek villages that greek and foreign visitors love when they go on holiday. They stand out for their wildlife, their beautiful beaches, the hospitable residents and the traditional recipes you can taste there. By exploring Greece, you can discover them and make your own list of favorite destinations. Depending on the time of year, choose which village you want to go to and get to know it better. Another for more and another for fewer days. CNN: These are 17 ...

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