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Corinthian Gulf beaches – ideal for day trips from Athens

isRight next to Athens, traveling for an hour you can find your own swimming paradise with the Gulf of Corinth in the background There you will find clear blue waters and a setting that will make you think that Athens is far away. The beaches of Corinthians Gulf are surely the ideal place to enjoy your swim even for a one-day excursion. All you need to do is to be in a good mood and to load all the necessities in your trunk. All the beaches are not organized. In ...

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The beaches of the Corinthian Sea for great swimming experiences.

Small getaways and one-day trips near Athens are all you need to relax and charge your batteries for the next few days. Especially when you don't have a plan to spend many days on vacation. The beaches of the Corinthian Sea are definitely the ideal place to enjoy your swim whether you go for one-day or weekend. In exploringgreece.tvwe have chosen and we present some of the most beautiful beaches of the Corinthian Sea Vrachati Beach It is like a small island and has a cosmopolitan sense and it is ...

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