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Dafnoudi in Kefalonia: The path that leads you to the magical beach

With the endless coasts and the hundreds of beaches that Greece has, you can never say that you've seen everything. You can't help but be surprised every time by something new. You will have always the chance to have experiences and unique memories of a beach you never imagined existed. Wherever you are in Greece. Such a beach is Dafnoudi. You can be there through a small path that will look like it opens the gates of paradise to you Dafnoudi is a beautiful beach of Kefalonia that stands out ...

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Assos: The exotic paradise in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is a paradise on earth, a trademark of the beauty of the Ionian Sea. There you will find large sandy beaches and trees that reach the sea. Crystal waters and incomparable beauty in one of the most special parts of Greece. It is no coincidence that it is a favorite destination for many Greek and foreign visitors. There, stands out a place that is the most beloved and very photographed. It is the village of Assos. A settlement with sensational beaches in a verdant environment. The peninsula of Assos ...

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Mirror-like crystalline water at Antisamos beach

Greece is famous for its crystal clear beaches but some of them certainly stand out for the purity and clarity of their waters. One of them is located in Kefalonia and is an exotic paradise that captures your heart as soon as you are there. That beach is Antisamos beach which is hidden in a large bay. It is a unique beach which is surrounded by a green flowering landscape that reaches the sea. That's why they're used to calling it the mirror beach. Because its waters reflect the beauty ...

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