Salamina: the monuments and lighthouse (Ep.2)

For the continuation of my tour of Salamina, I set out to leave the paloukia in place and head to the long-suffering Kynosura, (or Kynosoura, "dog tail" that is) where the historic naval battle took place, before descending south towards Selenia and Kolones. Before I got back in to my car, I thought I'd take a walk and look at boats. In the small port in front of the municipal fish market building are the fishing boats that supply daily with fresh fish and seafood the fish market stalls and ...

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Salamina: an initial visit (Ep.1)

To reach Salamina, I have to go down to Perama. Within about 45 minutes with normal traffic I reach the ferry. The crossing from Perama to Palukia - the busy port of Salamina - takes about 15 minutes while the sea line is open 24 hours a day. My route is economical and ecological as the car I drove burned only 4 euros for this distance. Birthplace of great personalities of antiquity and modern times, with long cultural heritage, historical and religious monuments and natural beauty, the rather wronged Salamina ...

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