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An enchanting island of Attica great for swimming

Attica! A place with many hidden treasures and secrets that all they do is wait for you to discover them. Hidden beaches and blue waters you will encounter exploring Attica. One of these secrets is a magical island of Attica that you can even go swimming and is located in the Kakia thalassa What makes it stand out are its natural sea pools. A real treasure for diving. This particular spot is a good hidden secret that if you look at it is most likely that you will become one ...

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Attica: The unknown small island with the natural swimming pool

Attica is full of beautiful places and hidden <corners> to escape all year round. On its southeastern coast you will find beaches, not only for summer swim but also for spring walks. Such a place, you will find a few kilometers outside Keratea. Where there is an unknown small island with a natural swimming pool. The kakia thalassa beach, a breath away from Athens Kakia thalassa beach in Attica that has nothing to do with its name, is a mythical place. It is no coincidence that it is one of ...

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