Keramoti: The Ammoglossa that connects the sea and pine forest

Kavala is the living proof that mainland Greece can offer you as strong emotions on its beaches as the Aegean and Ionian islands. Endless beaches, pine forests, and sandy shores that await you to live a unique summer experience. When you get to know Kavala you will realize that it not only offers you a kind of holiday e.g. sun and sea but can combine culture, gastronomy, sea, and new experiences in a unique way that is difficult to find even on an island. Such case is Keramoti of Kavala. ...

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Kiltiritsa: a gastranomic trip to Kavala

Gastronomy is one of the most basic and favorite subjects and stages of a journey. So you know a place better while you are getting to know the secrets of its inhabitants and its tradition. You can be able to understand part of its history and how much has been influenced its culture by the different nations. You live for a while the daily life of the locals and you become something more than an ordinary visitor. And in every place, you taste new flavors. When, for example, you travel ...

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