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Limnionas Beach at Kythera: peaceful and picturesque

Kythera is characterized by its picturesque villages and beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters. It is no coincidence that those who choose Kythera for holidays usually go back again very soon. Some of the places and beaches of the island capture your heart immediately. In fact, they may not be particularly well known but they do not fall short in beauty. One of these places is Limnionas Beach. A place idyllic and peaceful that will offer you the quietness you are looking for. The picturesque and peaceful beach of Limnionas in ...

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Kapsali: The beautiful beach “omega” in the Ionian Sea

The islands of Greece can take pride in having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is also true with the picturesque and beautiful Kythira. There is a beautiful beach that forms an "omega" in the Ionian Sea, Kapsali. It proves, in fact, that even the smaller islands of Greece have everything like beauty and picturesqueness. Kapsali, the port of Chora, capital Κυθήρων of Kythera, the point of the island that gathers the interest of most visitors,a special place in their hearts, and being as a reference ...

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