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Cyprus: gastronomic stops you just have to make

Who hasn't ever eaten seftalia (a special recipe of pork and lamb meat with mixed spice) and halloumi (kind of cheese)? Cypriot dishes stand out for their tastiness and special flavour. Cyprus has recipes that are a mixture of Greek and middle eastern cultures. We can certainly talk about gastronomic tourism since many of the travellers have as a priority the testing of various local flavours. The Cypriot cuisine combines hearty dishes based on meat as well as special cheese, together with unique sweets made of carob-honey and grape. All ...

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Cyprus: see one of Europe’s prettiest villages

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful coastlines and blue beaches. Apart from its seaside villages, it has an equally beautiful mountain wealth. Villages perched in the mountains offering a great view and the opportunity for a natural escapade. There is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe there, called Lefkara. The history of the village and its location The village which is divided into Upper and Lower Lefkara is located about 34 km southwest of the city of Larnaca.Built at an altitude of 575 meters, like most mountain villages ...

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