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Attica: Ten beaches close to Athens for last dives

Summer may be over but September is still an ideal month for swimming in the sea. The water is hot, the people are not too many and you feel that you are getting away for a while from the mess of everyday life. And the options close to Athens for a beautiful one-day trip are many. Whether inside Attica or just outside, on beaches closes to Athens you can enjoy crystal clear waters, natural shade, and a beautiful environment to relax. We at exploringgreece.tvrecommend ten beaches close to Athens for ...

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Mikra Strava: The dreamy beach an hour away from Athens

Exploring the coasts of Attica and the surrounding counties you can spot beaches that you never even imagined that they existed. Away from the buzz and the crowds you will find sandy beaches with clear and blue waters, sand and fine pebbles. And you will enjoy what we call peace and quietness almost next to your home. One such beach, just an hour away from Athens is the beach Of Mikra Strava.. It is not famous, organized, or cosmopolitan. What is certain is that it will offer you relaxed moments ...

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