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The spread out beaches with the shallow waters, in Attica

Weekends are most appropriate for leisurely walks and dives into the sea. Attica is ideal for such moments since you acn find beaches spread out with shallow waters for every taste. Of course it is important for the water to be clear for the experience of swimming to become an unforgettable experience. It is warranted that, if you find a beach that suits you, you don't easily change it for another and it becomes your hangout. The spread out beaches with the shallow waters in Attica are ideal because on ...

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Four beaches in Attica with warm waters

Just because you may not leave Athens for a summer vacation doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beautiful places of Attica and enjoy your swim there. Besides, Attica has beaches with clear waters, shallow and warm sandy beaches. The last one is a basic criterion for those who love warm waters and can not even get into the sea if the water is cold. In exploringgreece.tv we have located and recommend four beaches in Attica with warm waters that you will enjoy your swim... Psatha Beach I'm sure you've heard ...

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Five beautiful beaches in Attica with shallow water

The beaches of Attica very often surprise us with their beauty and the fact that they offer clear and shallow waters, a breath away from the center of Athens. If you are preparing for a weekend outing with the children then you are probably looking for one of these shallow beaches so that children can play safely. In addition, many Αττική beaches in Attica which, in addition to shallow waters, offer spread fine sand. In addition to the large beaches you can be comfortable without having to sit very close ...

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