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Mykonos’ top five beaches

Mykonos may be famous for its nightlife and the entertainment it offers, but it's not just the cosmopolitan shops and the graphical alleys that will excite you if you'll be there for holidays The island of winds, as it is called, is considered, and not unfairly, that it has some of the best beaches of the Aegean Sea. Blue waters, fine sand, and beautiful Cycladic landscape make up the scenery. The beaches of Mykonos as presented by exploringgreece.tv were selected according to the criteria of the landscape beauty as well ...

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The 5+1 Greek islands that drive the real estate market

When discussing Greek real estate, one’s thoughts often gravitate towards regions in Attica or Thessaloniki. But what about the larger Greek islands that see their populations multiply two, three, or even five times from spring through September, peaking in the summer? It’s important to note that Mykonos is in a league of its own. The rules there differ significantly from the rest of Greece. Did you know that during the economic crisis, when house values dropped by up to 60% across the country, property prices in Mykonos not only remained ...

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