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Attica: Ten beaches close to Athens for last dives

Summer may be over but September is still an ideal month for swimming in the sea. The water is hot, the people are not too many and you feel that you are getting away for a while from the mess of everyday life. And the options close to Athens for a beautiful one-day trip are many. Whether inside Attica or just outside, on beaches closes to Athens you can enjoy crystal clear waters, natural shade, and a beautiful environment to relax. We at exploringgreece.tvrecommend ten beaches close to Athens for ...

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Lakazeza close to Athens: The unexplored beach.

Exploring the places near Athens, you will discover treasures all around. Especially in the summer, treasures, and beaches that you didn't even imagine exist so close to your house. But if you discover them, you'll surely become a fanatical visitor. Beaches isolated, with an idyllic scenery that fascinates you. One such beach is located just an hour and a half away from Athens and is called Lakazeza. At some point the accessing to the beach is difficult and that's why is unknown and unexplored. But if you can approach it ...

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Four beaches of Attica with shallow and clean waters

Clean and shallow water, sandy or pebble beaches and calm moments. You're thinking of something better for the weekend. Things get even better when you consider that these beaches are next to Athens and you can get there quickly and easily even if you have the kids with you and things can get a little more complicated. That's when you're looking for theideal beaches of Attica for one-day excursion. Those with the shallow and clear water, just right for families with children who want to splash and play in the ...

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