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Naxos: The “melachrino”, a dessert that remains unforgettable

Naxos is generally an island that you will hardly say you did not enjoy it even if you find yourself there another season than summer. In Naxos, its season has its own grace and the island offers you dozens of options. Apart from the beautiful and clean beaches, Naxos has many sights as well as mountain villages so it would possible for you to make a more alternative escape. Among the things that stand out is its gastronomy. In Naxos you will enjoy what we call good food and traditional recipes. ...

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Naxiotikos Kalogeros (the Monk of Naxos) is the secret of the gastronomy of the island

Naxos is, not unjustly, one of the top gastronomic destinations of the Cyclades and Greece in general. Its rich and tasty cuisine is considered one of the most balanced and healthy ones. If you choose to spend your holidays in Naxos, apart from the beautiful beaches and the picturesque places that you will visit, you will make a uniqueανδ unexpected gastronomic trip at the same time. Naxos promises to offer you an incomparable dining experience that you will hardly forget. In it, Naxiotikos Kalogeros is certainly included, which is a ...

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