Attica: Four ideas for an autumn one-day trip close to Athens

While the swims at sea are slowly coming to an end, autumn excursions are becoming more and more tempting. And Attica is ideal for escapes closer or farthest. Whatever type of excursion you want, you will surely find a way to have a good time in one of the nearby and beautiful destinations for a one-day trip. We, in exploringgreece.tv give you some ideas for a one-day trip close to Athens to have a good time and welcome winter more casually. Nafplio A beautiful place that you will enjoy it ...

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A day trip to the former royal estate at Tatoi

February 20th, 2017 You're not to far, but you're not for the usual stuff in Attica. You're looking for a nearby destination. A one-day trip. You dont want to not see cement ,and you want to relax after you walk under the trees. In your mind passes the Estate in Tatoi. You're already in the car and heading that way. You don't need luggage. Just good mood and something to sit down in the dirt so you don't get dirty on the back, the car seat. You take Athens-Lamia and ...

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Attica: the Flambouri shelter on Mount Parnitha

Forty minutes drive from the center is enough to find yourself in Flambouri, or else on the balcony of Athens. No matter how many times you go up to Parnitha, it's not enough. at the first opportunity, one day with sunshine, I found myself again in the air condition of Attica, How to get there You can drive, leaving behind the city center. From the National Road Athens - Lamia you turn left at the junction of Metamorphosis, pass the base of the cable car, and start the mountain ascent ...

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