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Ten things you definitely didn’t know about Athens

One cannot question the beauty of Athens. It may have changed a lot and and passed through various stages, over the centuries Athens, however retains its charm and its little secrets. There are definitely a lot of things you don't know about Athens. We present to you ten from them... Part of Alexandras Avenue is subject to the provincial road network. Not only is this central road of Athens that is under such a condition. There is an old decree, concerning roads that start from the center and are directed ...

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Athens: a stroll to Psyrri, a quaint corner of the city center

In the heart of Athens, there is a small and picturesque district. Very well known and also very friendly. At Psyrris you can walk all year round, every day of the week, and bring to mind pictures of the Old Athens. Beautiful picturesque buildings, but also small shops, are waiting for you to make you feel like you're in your own neighborhood. The neighborhood of Psyrris and its history The district of Psyrris is perhaps the smaller in Athens and is located in the historic center of the capital. It ...

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