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Road trip to Messinia: A Destination of Stunning Contrasts

Messinia, a region in the Peloponnese, is a treasure trove of beauty, a unique blend of nature and history. It stands out for numerous reasons, making it an ideal destination for a leisurely road trip. What sets Messinia apart is not just the landmarks and points of interest you’ll visit, but the fact that the journeys you’ll embark on are attractions in themselves. The routes you’ll traverse are as much a part of the experience as the destinations they lead to. The landscapes unfold like a story, each turn revealing ...

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A journey through history through five emblematic castles of Greece

Traveling almost all over the country you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful castles of Greece, which in the distant past were one of the most important parts of cities. Sometimes preserved in great condition and other times preserved only as ruins, all the castles you will meet have interesting stories to tell you. Let's discover five of the most emblematic castles you will see in Greece. Mystras: The impressive castle town, a world heritage site Castles of Greece: Ornaments of another era Palamidi, Argolida Palamidi Castle Moving ...

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The five summer destinations where you need just a good mood

itThe mainland of Greece can make you feel like you're on an island making another trip just a few hours by car. Places close to Attica or even a little further where you can spend pleasant summer holidays without having to take a ship or a plane. There are, in other words, many summer destinations in Greece that you can only go by car. You will find exotic beaches, green landscapes, hospitable residents and you will try local traditional recipes that will be unforgettable. In exploringgreece.tv we have chosen and ...

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