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Sifnos: the unmissable “melopita” dessert

They call it the island of gastronomy and not unfairly. After all, it is not a little bit to come from this the famous chef Nikos Tselemedes who made history in Greek cuisine and entered every house with his recipes. In Sifnos you will spend some of the most beautiful holidays of your life and taste flavors you will never have enjoyed before. Like, for example, the honey pie that in Sifnos has its honor. A dessert that they definitely make at Easter but you will have the opportunity to ...

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National Geographic: Greek island in the top 10 list of sunny islands in the world

It is not a few times that the Greek islands have been distinguished for their beauty and beaches that are often reminiscent of exotic islands. Such a distinction has been received in the past by a Greek island from the magazine "National Geographic" in the category "Islands under the sun".So it was on the list of the top ten sunny islands in the world.The island on this list is the magical Sifnos. A Greek island in the top 10 list sunny islands in the world "National Geographic" had created the ...

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Which is the small Greek island with the 235 churches?

Many greek islands stand out for some special characteristics they have or for an element of their history. Like, for example, a small Greek island that stands out for the number of churches and monasteries it has. It is Sifnos island which has a total number of 235 churches. It is one of the most beautiful and characteristic islands of the Cyclades Complex. The great history of Sifnos and its beauty, place it in the first choices of tourists every year. The Greek island with the 235 churches If you ...

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