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Christea Beach: The quiet and unknown of Attica

If you choose Attica for the weekend swim, then it may have happened to you this: You are looking to find a different and less well-known beach in Attica to take a calmer swim. You have several options and you can even choose another destination every weekend to go to. We at exploringgreece.tv looking for the best and probably unknown ones and suggesting what you can do on your next outing. One of them is the beach of Christea, the quiet and unknown of Attica. Where you can enjoy your ...

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Swim at Agios Petros beach overlooking the Temple of Poseidon

Attica can offer you unique opportunities to spend leisurely weekends by the sea. Without having to do lot of miles and spend lots of money on fuel. There are many options and sandy beaches, with fine pebbles, more or less popular. You choose the one that suits you and you go for a dip. Today we recommend one of the beaches that have idyllic views and is near Athens. Agios Petros is the beach where you will swim while enjoying the view the Temple of Poseidon. Are you thinking to ...

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Pasalimani: you can actually dive here

If there is one thing that makes Attica stand out in the summer it is its hidden beaches that you can enjoy cool dives and relaxing moments. Some of them may be difficult to spot, but the sure thing is that they will excite you and become... Your hangout. One of these beaches is located in Sounio and is called Pasalimani. It's really a little diamond worth exploring. Pasalimani beach with clear waters Pasalimani beach is what we call the hidden beach of Attica. It is difficult to locate this ...

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