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48 hours in Sparta: In the legendary city of Greece!

It is a fact that Greece is full of history. One could say that under every stone, there is a fragment of Greek, ancient civilization in which a piece of history is hidden. Undoubtedly, a place that played a vital role in building the long history of ancient and modern Greece is Sparta. In a city where the ancient and the modern are intricately linked. In Sparta, time could seem to have stopped in the time of Leonidas. But that is not the case. The city has managed to complicate ...

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Σπάρτη: Το Ιερό του Μενέλαου και της Ωραίας Ελένης

Journey through history: The Sanctuary of Menelaus and Helen of Beauty

A majestic monument awaits you on the east bank of the Evrotas river, about 10 kilometers southeast of Sparta. You are drawn to it by a mysterious force that has been radiating for centuries. You want to get closer and discover its secrets, but you don’t know why. This is the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Menelaus and Helen of Beauty, the legendary king and queen of Sparta. It is also known as “Menelaion” or “Menelaia”, and it is one of the most fascinating attractions for visitors who come ...

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Mystras: The impressive castle town, a world heritage site

The low mountain of Mystras, or Myzithra as the “Chronicle of Morea” calls it, may seem unimportant from a distance, compared to the towering Mount Taygetos behind it, which reaches 2,405 meters high. But as you approach it by car, you start to appreciate its strategic value. You can spot the walls that separate the slope into different zones, the charming churches that dot the landscape, and the splendid Palace where the despot of Mystras, ruled over Moreas in the Byzantine era. At the top of it all, on the ...

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