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Skiathos: The island of 60 beaches

Skiathos is a stunning island that has 60 beaches along its 44-kilometer-long coast. White golden sand and crystal clear waters make its beaches beautiful, while its rocky landscape – particularly on the north side – enhances the beauty of the island. It is the most popular and charming island of the Sporades group. Skyros an its unique ponies Skiathos: The town of the island Skiathos has another name: “the island of Papadiamantis”, after the famous Greek writer who was born here in 1851. His books give a lovely impression of ...

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Skopelos: The island of the forest with the blue waters

There are some islands that may not belong to what is considered to be much-photographed and much discussed, but they win you over from the first moment you set foot on them. Skopelos, the island of the forest with the blue waters, belongs to this category. An island in the Sporades Complex that charms you with its simplicity and tranquillity. Until you take your first vacation there when you're going to love this unique combination of green and blue. Skopelos: The island of the forest with the blue waters Skopelos ...

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