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Five parks in Attica ideal for a Sunday stroll

Sunday is always interwoven with strolling and relaxation. And in summer the beaches in Attica maybe filled, but in other times the parks and groves have their moment. And Attica has many options to have fun with your friends and family. Smaller and bigger parks, Αθήνας in the heart of Athens or a few kilometers away, whichever you choose you will find ways to have a good time and fill your <batteries> for the new week. See below five ideal parks for a Sunday stroll in Attica... Syngrou Estate Extended ...

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Syngrou Estate: a valuable breathing spot in northern Athens

The parks of Attica give daily breath of oxygen to the millions of inhabitants of the capital. Others better known and others less, host young and old, offering the beauties of nature within the city. One of them is the Syngrou Estate otherwise known as Syngrou Grove. The Syngrou Estate and its history Extended in an area of 950 acres is located on the border of the Municipalities of Kifissia, Amarousi and Melisia. The main entrance can be found on Kifisias Avenue, at the height of the KAT hospital. Syngrou ...

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