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Syros: A gastronomic trip with the traditional recipe for loukoumia (Turkish delights)

If there is an island that combines everything, in order to give you unforgettable summer holidays, then this surely can be Syros Island. Beautiful and clean beaches, a stately Chora (main town and capital), hospitable residents and special gastronomy. If you go on holiday to Syros, you will have the opportunity to make a gastronomic trip in Mediterranean flavours with a touch of local scents. The culinary identity of Syros is the result of the puzzle pieces that are part of the rich history of the island and the people ...

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The beach where, no matter how much you walk, its waters do not rise above your knees.

We parked our car and were presented with s sandy beach, flat as a plate and spread all the way to a quiet bay. We are in Syros and specifically in Galissa,a fishing village famous for its calm waters and how ideal it is to spend a family vacation there. Going down the stairs to the beach, I noticed two children who seemed to swim in deep water and also walk at the same time hunting each other. For a few seconds, I was trying to figure out what was ...

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