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Meteora: Journey to the monasteries of a sacred place

Meteora is both a natural wonder and a spiritual fortress with monasteries in Greece. Visitors often compare it to the Grand Canyon for its stunning rock formations. It is the second most sacred place for Orthodox monks after Mount Athos. UNESCO has recognized Meteora as a World Heritage Site since 1989 for its unique beauty and cultural significance. Trikala: One of the oldest cities in Europe Meteora: Awe-inspiring images Meteora’s distinctive character comes from the breathtaking monasteries that seem to defy gravity on the top of the towering dark rocks. ...

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Travel to Volos: Plan the excursion and follow one tip

Travel to Volos. Volos is a captivating and intriguing city that offers more than meets the eye. Located near the ancient site of Iolkos, the capital of Magnesia is a perfect destination for both a quick getaway and a longer stay. You can enjoy the best of both worlds here: the majestic mountain of the Centaurs and the azure sea that embraces the city. Volos is probably the most splendid blend of nature and urban life in Greece. Come and discover its charms… Trikala: One of the oldest cities in ...

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