Tag: Travel for the ignorant

What happens if the two pilots have to eat the same food?

Unwritten rules and safety rules during flights Did you know that pilots on a flight don't eat the same food as passengers do? And in several cases they make sure to eat a different meal one from the other? So there's one dish for the captain and a different one for the co-pilot. Or that they do not eat at the same time time? Rules that if you don't read about them, you probably don't know how they exist. You're in the air, and the flight attendants are taking out ...

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The dumbest question you can ask as soon as you get on the plane

After you have discovered every inch of Greece, there is no alley you have not walked and a tavern that you haven't had lunch in, you are preparing to travel to the city of Light. Your destination is Paris! But not alone... You've planned your trip in every detail, it's actually a great gift to your beloved. It's the first trip you do on a plane and, of course, your first trip together. After feeling like you're lost in the departure hall and then in the waiting room, you walk ...

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