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Five secluded places in Attica to go for a walk

There are times when you may feel you need to leave the crowds, the hustle and bustle of the city and the gathering of many people in the same place, so you want to go out of the house for a while and prefer places without a lot of people. And Attica has many places that you can walk with your family in nature without getting in touch with other people. Here are five ideas for secluded places in Attica where you can enjoy a little fresh air and a ...

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immitos: One-day escape to nature in the heart of Attica

You want to get away from the bustling everyday life, but you can't go anywhere far. there's Immitos next to you. It is one of the mountains next door to Attica suitable for one-day excursions and relaxing moments in nature. Hiking trails and routes If you love walking and hiking then immitos offers you many routes to enjoy nature but also to test your strength. Walking the dirt paths and you will discover in your way century-old monasteries and places with impressive views. One of the most popular routes is ...

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