Limnionas Beach at Kythera: peaceful and picturesque

Turquoise waters and an aura of peace

Kythera is characterized by its picturesque villages and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. It is no coincidence that those who choose Kythera for holidays usually go back again very soon. Some of the places and beaches of the island capture your heart immediately. In fact, they may not be particularly well known but they do not fall short in beauty. One of these places is Limnionas Beach. A place idyllic and peaceful that will offer you the quietness you are looking for.

The picturesque and peaceful beach of Limnionas in Kythera.

Limnionas is a very graphical beach on the west side of the island. It is located very close to the village of Mylopotamos. Arriving at the small but special beach you will see white sand with a few pebbles and very clean waters. A sea of turquoise waters that remind you of the Ionian islands.

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The landscape will give you a sense of quietness as you will see a few boats, and some fish boats in the bay of the beach, you will see also small houses which were a refuge for the fishermen but also a small snak-bar with delicious delicacies.

Even the view across from Limnionas is magnificent. Looking towards the horizon, you will distinguish the island of Panagia. These are two small rocky islands in front of Limnionas bay and just below Panagia Myrtidiotissa, from where they took the name.

Images that will relax you and transfer you to the other Greece that you may have forgotten in the bustling city.

It’s not an organized beach, so if you want to sit there for hours, it’ll be good to have all the necessities with you. From umbrella and towels to water and beach games.

How to get to Limnionas beach

To reach the beach of Limnionas you have to take the route to the cave of Agia Sophia. The road has some turns but its surface is from asphalt. What is absolutely sure is that the result and the waters of this beach will reward you. Kythera is the island that does not leave anyone unmoved.

And you’ll know it when you walk through the graphical fishing villages and swim in the turquoise waters that look like an exotic destination.

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