Cyprus: strolling trough the alleys of Nicosia Old Town

A journey through thousands of years of history

With a history of 5,000 years, a special beauty and an alternative character, Nicosia’s old town wins you over in a different way. Cyprus has dozens of places that can dazzle you with their beauty. Nicosia and the old town win you over because of their character. Despite its many historical difficulties, Nicosia is still the heart of the country.

Walk in the Old Town

Walking through the alleys of Nicosia’s old town, you will see many different periods of time unfolding in front of you. It may not be as well preserved as its counterparts in central Europe or as it is in other regions of Cyprus. However, in its many small straits, you will find a distinct simplicity and a sense of exploration. There, you can discover cafés, taverns and shops that are really small treasures. Through the Working Class Neighbourhood, you can admire some of the most remarkable examples of traditional urban architecture, such as the Leventeion Municipal Museum and little art workshops. There you will also see buildings from 3 different eras, from the Venetian column to the Ottoman hammams and the Christian small temples.

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In the heart of the centre of the old town is the Omerier area with the Omerier mosque and Turkish baths. Inside the old town of Nicosia, lies a beautiful part of the city, embraced by the stone Venetian walls. Protected during its long history by the patron saint of Nicosia, Agios Trifylios.

Cyprus in another version

Start your day enjoying a traditional cheese pie from the local bakeries and take a walk in time. Make the journey outside the walls, and then remember to visit the Museum of Cyprus, the largest and most important archaeological museum on the island. If you are a more avid lover of the arts, you will be interested in the private gallery “Leventis”. It houses an impressive collection of 800 and more works of art by Cypriot and European artists, including Renoir, Canaletto, Signac, Monet and Chagall.

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With this fascinating walk, you will experience the impressive architecture of the city – from the Medieval Years to the present day – as well as some of its interesting and historically important temples. One of the most important, available in Cyprus.

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